National Audience Barometer


National Audience Barometer (NAB) is one of the product portfolios of Market Surveys International Limited. The purpose of the NAB is to develop a system of global media research tools that will provide regular update to advertisers, planners and corporate bodies whether planning local, regional, national or global campaigns.

National Audience Barometer (NAB) is a continuous media tracking study that run throughout the year with monthly report for print and quarterly report for electronics. The survey is based on a sample size of 5,000 interviews per quarter. The data provides an insight into the pattern of media consumption and other communication related activities.

NAB covers the following among others:

•    The favourite media

•    Days they patronize the media most

•    Stations and publications they patronize most

•    Times of the day they patronize the media and the station most

•    Programmes/sections that attract them to patronize the media

•    Station/publication they patronize for each programme/section

•    The reach of the different televisions/radio stations and publications

Scope of study

The study spans 15 States both urban and semi-urban areas that mirror the diverse socio-cultural, economic and commercial nerves in Nigeria.